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Can you change my forums domain?

Yes, we can change your forums domain but there is a flat $50 fee. Please keep in mind changing your forums domain does NOT mean we are your webmaster and will re-code your site. Unfortunatly, changing your domain is not a point and click deal it requires several edits to your files and DB to make the switch.

After the switch you should expect your forum to operate using the new domain. In other words...all the normal vbulletin standard functions will work. Depending on your forums level of customization and products or plugins installed the conversion may require some work on your part.


  • Broken plugins or products. You may need to un-install and re-install so the new paths/domain is updated. Normal pricing applies if we do the work.
  • Broken styles or images. Webmaster services are not provided for free. If you do not have one to resolve design issues we have staff on hand that can provide these services for an additional fee.
  • Re-configuring licensed products. If you have licensed products such as VBSEO, Photopost, vBGallery, etc that require changes there is a flat $45 for each product.


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