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When and why to upgrade your vBulletin and our upgrade policies!

More than a few clients asked so we thought it best to offer some friendly advice and clarify our upgrade policies.

I recommend with vBulletin 3.x series to keep it updated with the most stable version. Current 3.x series license holders may also pay $30 for access to the newest maintenance release you will need to check in the members area http://members.vbulletin.com in your options or perhaps call 1-877-326-6444 (9am-5pm Pacific Monday-Friday) and inquire directly.

If you wish to upgrade from 3.x to 4.x that option is always available in the members area as well.

Now for vBulletin 4.x series we recommend you only upgrade if:

  • A Security Patch/Version is released.
  • A Maintenance Version is released with a required fix.
  • Something in the newest version is vital for or will help improve your site.
  • A "Bug" is fixed in the new version and you simply must have it fixed.

Now with upgrading can also come the required style updating, sometimes depending on the leap between versions in regards to a upgrade you can often times find yourself adjusting your style to suit the new version changes or on occasion completely redoing your custom style to ensure it functions properly.


This brings us to our upgrade policies and what we do and don't do when upgrading a site.

Our staff has upgraded and installed vBulletin successfully many thousands of times. Before we begin any upgrade we make a backup of your board. If you're hosted with us this is done automatically every hour anyway. There are a few guidelines and expectations we've outlined below to make your upgrade as smooth as possible.

1. Upgrades do require a few minutes of down-time while the board is being upgraded. This is typically between 10-20 minutes. BE PREPARED, inform your members in advance. We try to schedule the upgrade at the time of your choosing but depending on how large the upgrade customer queue is, thats not always possible.
While most upgrades are completed in less than 12 hours, It can take as long as 24 hours.

2. If you have hacks installed on your board we obviously cannot guarantee they will function with your upgraded board. If you've loaded modifications that cause problems or are incompatible with your new vBulletin version our staff will atempt to pinpoint and disable the troublesoem mods to prevent downtime and data loss. If they do not work we can typically find a patch or upgraded version if one is available at vbulletin.org. It takes time to do the research and apply such patches so additional charges do apply and will be required to be pre-payed. If installed hacks are negatively affecting your upgraded board or creating issues with other hacks we cannot be held accountable for those issues, you will need to disable the hack and ask the orginal hack coder for a fix.

3. We ensure that your board is working and usable but we do not revert or repair broken templates. We can attempt to correct these issues but there will be additional charges involved.

4. We will never to leave you with a broken board.

5. We will not procede with billable work untill you , the client have approved the charges.

5. Finally, often when you upgrade vBulletin other sub-systems like vBadvanced, PhotoPost, VBSEO, etc may require to be upgraded as well to make your board function properly. If this is the case we can certainly upgrade them as well but it's not included in the Vbulletin upgrade.

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