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Why is my email not being delievered to Yahoo?

Yahoo has recently changed its practices and clamped down hard on unsolicited email. Because of this many legitimate emails/domains are now being blocked.

If you use Yahoo! mail as your main email account, you might not be receiving all of your emails.

What is Yahoo thinking??? Recently Yahoo has started "greylisting extremely deprioritizing" almost every email that goes through their mail server. Greylisting This is a way of attempting to block SPAM. Yahoo mail denies the first every delivery attempt of an email (451 Message temporarily deferred - 4.16.50) from deprioritized mail servers. They assume that SPAMers don't try sending the same email twice, so they put the ip address of that email server on a list and then if the delivery is retried within a short amount of time, they assume that it is a good email.

Now here is the downside. Do you think that spammers care one bit whether they send a "spammy" email once, twice or a thousand times? No, they don't. All Yahoo is doing is increasing the problem. Now instead of being hit by one SPAM email, you'll get three.

This results in people that have been sending email to the same person for the past 3+ years to suddenly not be able to send email. Even when the sender is "conforming to Internet standard practices.

Yahoo suggests that you use their "form" so that they can help you diagnose the problem.

Getting "WHITE-LISTED" by Yahoo is the single best way to ensure delivery and can be done using the link below:


As a sender, what can I do to ensure that my email goes to the right folder?

To verify your MX record is NOT blocked enter your domain name at the link below:

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