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What does fully managed vBulletin hosting mean?

This means we will perform the items below for your forum.


  • Load vBulletin (with valid license)
  • Perform upgrades as they are released from vBulletin and supplied to us by you, the client
  • Load any version compatible xml only, non-commercial hacks/plugins from vBulletin.org
  • Adjust vbulletin admincp settings to your liking.
  • Loading purchased styles (if the style does not work though we cannot be responible for others work so please be sure it is version compatible and support is provided where you purchased it from)
  • Replace the default logo (you provide the logo)
  • Best effort to trouble shoot plugins
  • Best effort to trouble shoot vBulletin support issues

SERVICES NOT INCLUDED (But available as add-on services)

  • Graphic work (this includes resizing logo's or images)
  • Custom coding
  • Site or data base repairs to correct self inflicted problems from any changes to the site such as the
    addition or deletion of mods or hacks, improper upgrades or that are the result of  internet attacks
    such as hacking, ddos or other attacks.
  • Posting to your forum, moderating or managing the operation of your forum.
  • Upgrading third party scripts such as VBSEO and PhotoPost, vB Gallery etc.
  • Telephone training
  • Setting up or building vBulletin 4.0 Publishing Suite CMS pages.

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