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Folder vBulletin4 (4)
Tips and Fixes for vBulletin4.xx
Folder vBulletin5 (1)
Tips, Tricks and fixes for vBulletin5.xxx


Article Add a 404 page
Once you have the 404 page ready, upload the page to public_html folder. next go to File Manager...
Views: 779
Article Add or Remove Super Users
To add or remove super admin privileges the user number associated with the user must be added...
Views: 937
Article Add Your Logo to vBulletin
Starting with 4.2.0, vBulletin open to the activity screen by default. You can easily change that...
Views: 2376
Article Add/Modify Avatars, Smilies, Icons or BB code
vBulletin Tasks Modify vBulletin Avatars, Post Icons, Smilies and BB Code...
Views: 1183
Article Can you change my forums domain?
Yes, we can change your forums domain but there is a flat $50 fee. Please keep in mind changing...
Views: 4844
Article Can you convert or merge my forum using impex?
The short answer is yes we do conversions and mergers all the time. Depending on what system you...
Views: 3535
Article Can you fix my hacked forum?
The answer mainly depends on where you are hosted and what level of access you have to the...
Views: 6689
Article Change the Display Order of your vBulletin Forum
To change the display order of your forum, go to Thread Display settings in vBulletin Options....
Views: 9881
Article Check the Database for your current version of vBulletin
To find the version for your vBulletin  database, go to the setting table and find where...
Views: 960
Article Check vBulletin for Hacked Plugins using the KH99 Search Plugin Mod
Install the kh99 search plugin mod- VB4: http://www.vbulletin.org/forum/showthread.php?t=265976...
Views: 1062
Article Disabling Modifications OR Plugins via SQL Query - Fix AdminCP/Forum
Modification Issues? Not the first or last time you say? It's either happened to you before or...
Views: 1932
Article Do you allow nulled vBulletin scripts?
NO Running a "Nulled" site is illegal. It is also common knowledge that vBulletin is a paid...
Views: 3279
Article Edit vBulletin Config.php
Editing vBulletin config file for the first time can be intimidating. Perhaps you’ve already...
Views: 1106
Article EXTREME Security Tweaks (use at your own risk)
Rename admincp and modcp folder using a strong password on each, including .htpasswd protection...
Views: 1369
Article Facebook App Installation Requirements
Requirements for installing the vBulletin Facebook Application If you have purchased the...
Views: 2399
Article Find and Edit the correct StyleVar/LayoutVar
How to find the correct stylevar to edit to change a specific style element in...
Views: 906
Article Fix HOW-TO FIX - Vbulletin redirecting to filestore123.com version 2
The filestore123 hack has widely impacted vBulletin forums with or without VBSEO installed....
Views: 2585
Article Fix vBulletin 4.xx Filestore123 Hack
This was initially a vBSEO problem and the fix is well documented. The problem has more recently...
Views: 1541
Article How can I remove old phrases from deleted hacks?
The addon product to which those phrases belong should be removed when you uninstall the product:...
Views: 2129
Article How do I Administer Forum Users?
vBulletin HowTo How do I Administer Forum Users? In Admincp => Users, you’ll see...
Views: 2579
Article How do I put my forum in debug mode?
Add this to config.php located in /includes to enter into debug mode: Under: Add this...
Views: 4854
Article How do I re-index a large site?
You could try using the searchshell.php script that is available in the 'do_not_upload' folder of...
Views: 1765
Article How to add an SSL cert to your vBulletin Forum
Google's Chrome browser now flags site's requiring passwords, that are not using ssl. Adding an...
Views: 1453
Article Plugin/Hack Install Terms
All of our hosting plans include non-commercial plugin/hack installs for vBulletin version...
Views: 3840
Article Podcasting
Podcasting a simple method of distributing media files using RSS feeds. Publisher use Podcasting...
Views: 990
Article Rename Vbulletin admincp and modcp Directories for Better Security.
vBulletin Admincp, Modcp directories, we know them and the hackers do to. Leaving them as...
Views: 7638
Article Self Inflicted Issues
Often we get support tickets that explain strange issues such as blank pages only on certain...
Views: 1880
Article Set Up New User Confirmation Email
One of the first choices you must make when setting up a vBulletin forum  is to create an...
Views: 928
Article Test Forums Policy
We follow the exact same terms as vBulletin in relation to hosting test forums. Details can be...
Views: 5982
Article Upgrading to vBulletin 4.2.2
Upgrading to vBulletin 4.2.2 *For PHP 5.4 SupportvBulletin 4.2.2 is now available for download...
Views: 2708
Article vB4 /Amember Intergration
Install the vBulletin plugin code via FTP Follow the vBulletin plugin setup instructions...
Views: 738
Article vBulletin Blank Pages
There are several issues that can cause blank pages in your vbulletin forum. some of the most...
Views: 4030
Article What does fully managed vBulletin hosting mean?
This means we will perform the items below for your forum. INCLUDED MANAGEMENT SERVICES: Load...
Views: 7839
Article Whats New Search Not working
Some installations of  vBulletin 4.xxx return 403 litespeed errors   It's related to...
Views: 1176
Article When and why to upgrade your vBulletin and our upgrade policies!
More than a few clients asked so we thought it best to offer some friendly advice and clarify our...
Views: 4255
Article Where can I purchase vBulletin Styles?
There are many more out there but these are a few to get you started?...
Views: 2469