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Article Adding an add-on domain in cpanel
What do I need to add an add-on domain and how do I add it?Each domain will resolve to it's own...
Views: 2390
Article Does anyone know how to open the raw access logs in the cpanel?
´╗┐´╗┐Change the name of the file you download to have .txt at the end. You probably have a...
Views: 1758
Article How do I access my control panel?
How do I access my control panel or cpanel to administer my site on a Linux server? You can...
Views: 3112
Article Lost Password
I can not remember my password. How can I retrieve it?Please send an email to...
Views: 2344
Article Parked vs. Add-on domain
What is the difference between a parked domain and an add-on domain? A parked domain is an...
Views: 1962
Article Using cPanel to set up a Cron Job
How to configure cron jobs in cPanel What is a cron job? A cron job is a...
Views: 1287
Article What is cPanel?
cPanel is a "Control Panel" for your website, more specifically it helps you administrate your...
Views: 1932